The real-time

digital trust platform

We're building a future where you can trust everyone online.

Where businesses have absolute certainty in who they are dealing with, and where customers have simpler, safer relationships with the brands they rely on.

This is what Self is.



Self reaffirms trust every time your user accesses your service. So you can be sure that the person using your service is the person you gave the account to originally.


Self enables users to store verified information about themselves securely on their phone. They can then choose to share specific facts – like their name, email, date of birth - with individuals or companies who need it.


Self was built around the principles of GDPR so by default it is designed to build trust without revealing personal information.


We're launching Presence, our platform to take the stress out of COVID-19 Test & Trace for pubs, restaurants and all retail venues. 




Self was built around the principles of GDPR so by default it is designed to build trust without revealing personal information.




Dan Sutherland


Dan is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded the cloud service provider, Carrenza, which was acquired by Six Degrees in 2016.


Dan grew up in London, started his first company at 17 and today is an active investor in a number of companies in Technology and BioTech, a proud dad to 2 kids. He’s also a keen mountain biker and very good at the first 90% of any DIY project.  

Ian Jordan

Product Director

An experienced product innovator, strategist and leader, Ian has worked at and contributed to successes at startups and corporates from Capital Radio, through eBay, BCA and esure.

Sena Gbeckor-Kove

Founder/Chief Architect

Sena is a technologist and entrepreneur with extensive startup experience in Europe and Asia. Before working on Self, Sena built the Singaporean encryption and communications startup Ananse.


Based in Lisbon, he currently provides technical advice to startups in Europe and Asia while watching his two small children slowly build Skynet with Lego, Swift and a 3D printer.

Adrian Cockle

Marketing Director

Adrian is a digital marketing professional with over twenty years' experience leading teams and campaigns for organisations including WWF, Hootsuite, Sony, Sightsavers and Warner Bros.


His claims to fame include launching 250,000 balls down a hill in San Francisco and inventing the rhino emoji.

Jason Reid


Jason is a recognised technology leader with over twenty years' experience driving technical strategy, innovation, and product development for public and private sector organisations around the world.


Previously Jason was CTO at Carrenza where he was responsible for developing and delivering the Carrenza platform.

Desigan Chinniah

Technical advisor

Dees is a creative technologist, certified firestarter, sneakerhead and champion tea-drinker. After check-ins at various dot-coms (Mozilla Firefox, eBay, PayPal, BBC, Skype, Ask Jeeves) over the last two decades, he today has a portfolio of advisory roles with early-stage technology startups.



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