Test & trace without the stress

Presence is making contact tracing easy for hospitality and retail venues.

The UK government's guidance for reopening  requires venues to keep a log of all customers for 21 days. 

Avoid the hassle with Presence. It takes care of the whole process, leaving you to take care of your customers. 

NHS Test & Trace will have access to tracking data at their fingertips, and Presence will pre-warn customers to isolate if they are at risk.


Your customers download the Self app and sign up which takes about a minute.



Once they're signed up, they simply scan the Presence code as they enter the premises.


If the NHS needs to access someone's details the user will receive a notification from Presence that their details have  been passed to NHS Test & Trace.


Avoid the overhead of GDPR

Your customers remain in control of their data. Only the NHS can ever get access to it, and because you don’t hold your customers' data, you're not impacted by GDPR. Presence even automatically destroys visitor records 21 days after their last visit.

Bespoke branded signage

We provide you with customised signage to make things easy for your staff and customers. Once it's installed, that's it – you don't need to do anything else.

It works for everyone

Presence can work for staff, contractors and suppliers as well as customers, and we can provide anonymised visitor data to help with COVID-19 planning and risk mitigation.


Presence is Open Source, so you can run it alongside your existing systems, or have it run as a service by Self. 

Authorised NHS Test & Trace staff can have access to a dedicated interface into Presence for faster tracing. It allows them to search for and download venue contact lists instantly, and Presence notifies your customers at the earliest opportunity that they might be at risk.