Blackbaud charity data attack exposes the fatal flaw in traditional databases

Over 120 charities in the UK and US, including the National Trust, have had their supporters’ data compromised after an attack on the cloud computing provider Blackbaud. The ransomware attack took place in May, but Blackbaud only informed its clients of the breach this month.

As one of the world’s largest providers of database software for non-profits, Blackbaud holds a huge amount of personal information on its servers. Storing all of that data in one place is hugely risky, as this single attack has shown.

We created Self because we see so many of these stories – where even the people who are supposed to be in control of our data, aren’t.

Instead, Self stores all of your personal information on your device, and only there. Not only does this make hacks such as this one impossible, but you stay in complete control of your data.